Remote Docking of Container Ship

ARK Marine Consultancy has successfully completed the docking repairs of a 13 year old container vessel (1022 TEU) at Yiu Lian shipyard in Shenzen, China. The project involved retrofit Installation of a BWTS system and was completed in 20 days to the entire satisfaction of the owners and Technical Managers.

Our local Supdt on site has managed this project along with the robust support from the Shipyard, Technical Managers site Supdt and vessel owners representative. Complete docking repairs was completed within the budgeted cost and allocated time for completion


Remote Docking of Chemical /Oil Tanker

ARK Marine Consultancy has successfully completed Dry dock supervision of a 15 years old Chemical/Oil tanker vessel (36993 DWT) in Besiktas Shipyard Turkey. The project was executed within the budgeted cost and in allocated time to the entire satisfaction of owners and Technical Managers.

Technical Due Diligence

ARK Marine has successfully completed Technical Due Diligence for a ship owning company ahead of its acquisition by a financial organisation in 2020.

This major project was completed over two months by a team of 5 including a Project Manager, Two Project Engineers and an Inspector. The work involved vessel attendance, conducting remote technical office audits, a full scope investigation of the fleet condition OPEX and CAPEX as well as safety and environmental compliance with IMO 2020. The condition inspections carried out included a thorough review of the vessels’ previous maintenance and dry dock activity.

Thanks to ARK Marine’s analysis of the current and future OPEX and CAPEX, the client was able to reap multiple benefits and accurately budget for a secure investment ahead of their acquisition.

One of the benefits of using ARK Marine is the level of expertise and consultancy that the organisation can bring to a project. The Project Manager also worked very closely with the client to deliver a bespoke service which the client fully appreciated as this helped them to take decisions more effectively.

ARK Marine offers a range of inspection services aimed at managing risk for ship owners and operators, and for financial institutions.


Remote Docking of Suez Max Tanker

The vessel (150,000 DWT) docked for her second special docking survey and retrofit installation of a new Ballast Water Treatment System, Exhaust Gas cleaning system and renewal of both her hose cranes at Zhoushan Cosco Shipyard.

ARK Marine team completed the project in forty two days despite the challenges faced due to the COVID pandemic, one week of Chinese National Holiday with reduced yard manpower. The vessel team and the on site teams worked together seamlessly under the professional leadership and support provided by the owner’s Technical Management team.

The entire project was managed by the ARK Marine team along with shipyard support which was instrumental for timely completion of all repairs and installation within the budgeted cost to owner’s satisfaction.

Remote Docking of LR 1 Tanker

Another successful Remote docking project completed at Asry in Bahrain, on the MT Jag Padma, a 15 yr old 50,000 DWT Oil Tanker – making this our fourth project this quarter.

ARK Marine Consultancy continues to support our clients with their docking requirements, remotely, efficiently, cost effectively and on time with our onsite experienced Project Management teams located globally.


Remote Docking of Suez Max Vessel

Successful completion of a remote repair project involving steel repairs and hose crane Modification on a Suezmax tanker at Asry, Bahrain

The proactive partnership and coordination between the onboard and shore technical Management teams, shipyard and our Project Manager on site allowed us to overcome all hurdles like the COVID 19 pandemic and the 45deg desert heat to allow timely completion of the project

Remote Docking of Suez Max Vessel

Turnkey Docking Project Management services rendered by ARK Marine on a Suezmax tanker at Zhoushan, China.

The scope included her second special survey, Ballast Water Management system and Exhaust Gas Scrubber Retrofit Installation and renewal of 2 20 MT Hose cranes. Our onsite team managed the project in time at costs and to the satisfaction of our customer.


Remote Docking of Suez Max Vessel

ARK Marine Consultancy is privileged to partner with Great Eastern Shipping Company for this prestigious project.

This has been possible due to the excellent teamwork and cooperation by the vessel’s team, Mr. Sunayan Sanatani and the owner’s shore based Technical Management who have worked tirelessly along with our Project team to make this a success in the present trying times.


What our clients
think about us


We are extremely satisfied with the Project Management and Drydock supervision services rendered to our vessel the MCC Andalas in China by ARK Marine Consultancy, Singapore. The entire docking repairs and BWTS retrofit work were accomplished within the allocated time span and budgeted cost and to the entire satisfaction of Sealand Maersk Management.

Suraj Piste

ARK Marine Consultancy conducted a Vibration Analysis of the major machinery on board the Hans Maersk. We are satisfied with the outcome as it helped Maersk Tankers to proactively plan and execute the relevant repairs/maintenance during vessels docking. We wish ARK Marine Consultancy all the best for their future projects!

Xerxes Shroff

We are extremely satisfied with the quality of job and detailed report provided for the job performed on board MOL beauty by ARK Marine Consultancy team . I look forward to our continued engagement with ARK Marine Consultancy for our future projects.

Mohammad Alimadad

ARK Marine Consultancy, Singapore has assisted Great Eastern Shipping Company for the onsite docking and retrofit installation Project Management for 5 of our Tanker vessels. These complex projects were conducted in China and the Middle East. Three of these projects involved drydocking, special surveys, retrofit Installation of Ballast water Management systems ( BWMS), Exhaust gas cleaning systems ( EGCS) & renewal of hose handling cranes. I am very pleased with the excellent consultancy and on-site supervision provided by the ARK Marine team. Their professionalism and dedication ensured that the projects were completed on time and within allocated cost. Mr. Avinash Kadam’s leadership from the front is an inspiration to all who work together with him. We wish him and his company good wishes and will not hesitate to recommend ARK Marine Consultancy for their professional services. On behalf of GESCO I look forward to our continued engagement with ARK Marine Consultancy for our future projects.

Mudit Mehrotra

We are extremely satisfied with the Pre docking inspection of MT HULDA MAERSK and MT HENNING MAERSK done by ARK Marine Consultancy team using Vibration and Thermography techniques. We wish ARK Marine Consultancy all the best for their future projects!

Sajjad Wagle
Maersk Tankers

The service provided by ARK Marine were very prompt and professional. The inspection report was well made and very detailed which helped the owners in proper evaluation of the vessel.

Capt. Jupji Singh Hundal
Goodwood Ship Management Pte. Ltd.
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